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Industry Hack: Lowering the cost of your event & event DJ

Whilst all of our costs are rising, you may be asking if you can really afford a party at this time. Maybe something you've waited twenty years to celebrate isn't worth all that after all? Maybe, thinking about it, your mum wasn't that nice when you were growing up anyway? Maybe it can just wait for another time, another year?

NO! Why should it. You've worked long enough and hard enough and you all deserve this! A party is exactly what is needed when everybody is feeling like they are worth a little less than they were last year and here is how to lower your costs when hiring a mobile DJ for your event.

Lowering your costs should not be a case of compromising on quality - You can have the DJ of your choice for less!

OK, so some of this is not rocket science, but it's often the simple things that are overlooked. Read on to see how you can book a Mobile DJ for your event, for less!


You need to have a realistic idea of the number of guest who will actually turn up. It's OK to send out 200 invites, but is Aunt Sally really coming over from Australia with her 10 kids? Will the couple you met in Corfu in 2007 and haven't spoken to since turn up? Once you have a realistic number you can pick a venue suitable for the size of your party and make sure you're not wasting money on food that won't be eaten.

#2 - Book Early

Most DJ's will take a deposit to secure their services and then require full payment a couple of weeks before the event date. The longer the period is between making the booking and paying for the DJ, the longer you have to save up for the payment balance. You may find they are happy to take payment by instalments.

#3 - Be Careful Of "Free" Room Hire

We see people falling foul of this quite a lot. Yes the room is free, but did you check the prices behind the bar? We've seen 25% uplifts as standard at some venues (the worst we've ever seen was a £12 pint of larger!) Do yourself a favour, all it takes is for you to ask the question.

#4 - Go Local

Find a DJ local to you. It stands to reason, the less distance that they have to travel, the less fuel they need and the lower their costs (plus it's better on the environment.)


Not every free room insists that you have to use the their catering. Speak with the venue and find their position on things like this before you make your booking. Often you can keep the costs lower by clearing the catering away at the end of the night.

#6 - Be Flexible

Everybody wants to party on Friday or Saturday night. If you can be flexible with the day/date and book something Sunday through to Thursday, you'll find it's a lower cost.

#7 - Speak With Your DJ

Many DJ's offer different setups to suite different budgets. Again, it's about how much time it takes - the less time it take before and after the event to setup and breakdown the equipment, the less the DJ can charge.

#8 - Six Hours, Really?

Do you really need a DJ from 6pm to 1am? Most people won't arrive until 7pm anyway, so you can save an hour there and a single hour after midnight can add more than you may think to your rate. 7pm to midnight would be my suggestion for a good night.

#9 - Buffet, Photo Booth, Virtual Reality, Selfie Station, Gambling Tables - Really?

You can have many added extra's for your event, but I'll guarantee that after the first gush of surprise they are quickly forgotten and nobody will use them enough to get anywhere near value for money for you. Have one or two of them by all means, but don't go overboard with a full collection!

#10 - Know Your Budget

Know your budget and let your DJ know your budget as early as possible. This way they can work with you to maximise their service, whilst giving you the value for money you need.


You don't have to spend a fortune to have a memorable night.

It's all about planning ahead and speaking with your DJ or event planner. Know what you want but keep it reasonable.

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